Wellness in the Workplace

      Focus                     Resilience                Motivation

Mindfulness practice brings awareness of our body, breathing, and a sense of interconnectedness within ourselves and with the world around us. The technique I offer brings mindfulness practice into movement. By practicing simple awareness exercises in movement, the self-awareness and focus inherent in mindfulness practice become integrated into our actions.

The benefits :

  • Strengthened mind-body connection

  • Reduced stress levels and support of the autonomic nervous system

  • Increased focus and improved spatial awareness (point and periphery)

  • Development of inner resources, resilience and strength to help manage stress and crisis situations

  • Integration of self-care practice into daily life

  • Developing awareness of where we move from, the source / motivation of our actions. This leads to a greater sense of intention in our actions and greater creativity

  • Improved posture and presentation

Group sessions can be designed to meet the needs of your workplace. The focus can be on general well-being, reslience, posture, mutual understanding, team-building, or resolution of difficult group dynamics, to name a few possibilities. Group sessions typically last from 45-60 minutes. 


Individual sessions are usually focused on how to cope with stress, developing inner resilience, and changing habits. For employees with complex home situations or who are managing long-term illness, individual sessions can be of particular help. 

Craniosacral Therapy offers deep relaxation and supports the autonomic nervous system while releasing and integrating the effects trauma and working on alignment. Craniosacral is great for maintaining health and also as an extra support for individuals under stress. Craniosacral therapy sessions are held with the client fully clothed, seated or lying on a treatment table and typically last 45 minutes.